Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Enlightened Savage Rides Again!

Nation, after a week of recuperation, I am back in the saddle and ready to ride rough-shod over the issues of the day.

Topics that will be discussed in the next day or so will include:
  • Kirk Schmidt's vision of the national scene, and how it relates to Calgary West
  • The Royalty Review (Ed's television appearance on Wednesday, and his live streaming announcement on Thursday)
  • Calgary Municipal Election post-mortem, and "Issues We Shouldn't Let Die"

Like many, perhaps even most Albertans, I am waiting eagerly to see how the Stelmach Government responds to the "Our Fair Share" report. We have heard from a lot of stake-holders... oil companies, gas companies, their workers staging surprisingly well organized and well funded "spontaneous" demonstrations... but we haven't heard a whole lot from the BIGGEST stake-holder in this drama - you. Right now, reading this. If you're in Alberta, you own the resources. What do YOU think?

Ken Chapman has been covering this issue with great insight and detail - I'd encourage you to get caught up on the issue through his blog. Ken and the good folks at Policy Channel are asking the most important question of all: What do you, the owner of these resources, feel should happen? Please take the time to fill out their short survey - after all, if you don't tell someone how you feel, how can you expect Ed to guess correctly?

Stay tuned, Nation... just as it did during the municipal election campaign, all hell is about to break loose on this page. And if my friends "in the know" are right, and we're headed for an election of a slightly higher profile than the municipal one... then my relationship is about to be sorely tested. :)

-E.S., proud to be marrying the most patient, politics-hating woman in the world.

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