Monday, October 8, 2007

Calgary Alderman - Ward 9

Joe Ceci has been the area's alderman for the past 12 years. Considered by some to be a natural choice to fill the Mayor's chair when (if?) Bronco takes the next step, Ceci does his best to stay away from controversy whenever he can - the hallmark of a good politician, but a questionable leader. He serves on enough boards and committees to have earned the nick-name of "the hardest working man in municipal politics" (okay, so maybe it's not all that catchy, but still...). Ceci is also one of the few Aldermen in Calgary who actively seeks out input from residents, and then is seen to be ACTING on it (provided it's not too controversial).

Ceci's issues for the ward this term include:
  • Affordable Housing
  • Environmental issues

Joe's website, which spends a lot of time talking about what he HAS done, but little talking about what he WILL do, is here.

Al Koenig, aka "Rambo Al", is perhaps the best-known candidate for a aldermanic seat in this election. Koenig has been front and centre for years as the head of the Calgary Police Association. He recently scored the best quote of the month for his take on the city's wishy-washy policy towards yellow "Support Our Troops" decals on city vehicles:

"I wish they'd be more decisive as far as allowing them on city vehicles because you can't really suck and blow at the same time. You either support it or you don't."

Al spent 27 years in the Calgary Police Service, and worked many different beats - including the arrest of Charles Ng (bonus "Karma points" for Al). He has been criticized by incumbent Ald. Joe Ceci for being a "single issue candidate".

Koenig's issues (political, not personal), include:
  • Improved resources for police, fire and ambulance services
  • Affordable housing and residential density
  • Criminal activity (especially related to prostitution & drugs)
  • Publicly owned community and recreational facilities
  • Managing pedestrian and vehicular traffic

The Koenig website, including a picture of Al with Dog Chapman (MORE bonus points!), is located here.

Stan Waciak has run for this seat previously, and is giving it the old college try yet again. Much like Ceci, Stan tends to focus more on the social issues facing the ward than the enforcement and regulatory side of things.

Among Stan's issues:
  • Access to transportation
  • High cost of living
  • Youth outreach programs

Waciak has no web-site that the Enlightened Savage can find. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about that. :)


Anonymous said...

While trying to find information on the candidates in my area, I came upon your page...What seemed to be a daunting task, turned out to be informative and made me a little more "Enlightened". Thanks for your spin on things.....

Enlightened Savage said...

Anon: Thanks for your kind words. Be sure to keep coming back after the election, for even more "enlightening" conversation. :)

p.s. Tell your friends!

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