Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Calgary Alderman - Ward 4

Richard Evans identifies himself as the "transportation candidate" for this ward. Both private and public transportation top his agenda. He has been the subject of a LOT of ugly rumours on-line. The truth is, I can't find anything to substantiate those rumours, so I have to assume that, at this point, they're baseless innuendo. Ah, politics. But even so, these are the UGLIEST kinds of rumours, so somebody is playing a very, very dirty game here, and I hope they get exposed. This kind of baseless garbage is what keeps people like the Enlightened Savage from running for public office in the first place.

Richard's priorities, if elected, include:

  • Freeze property taxes for fixed-income seniors
  • Addressing the housing crunch by allowing secondary suites
  • Re-addressing of "traffic calming" measures
  • More money for the Calgary Police Service
  • A formal, publicly accessible record of how every council member votes on every issue put before City Council (how, in a city like Calgary, has this NOT been the case for so long?!?)

The Evans campaign can be found on-line here.

Bob Hawkesworth is runing for his third term as Alderman for this Ward. He previously served as Alderman for Ward 3, and also represented the provincial riding of Calgary Mountain View as an NDP member of the legislature - for 2 terms! See, Nation? Calgary HAS INDEED elected "Dippers" in the past - it's not just a nasty rumour. :) Bob's big issues are environmental concerns, and poverty.

Interestingly, Bob's website spends a lot of time talking about what he HAS done, but little talking about what he INTENDS to do. Accidental, or a sign of a lack of purpose? Time will tell what the voters think.

You can see for yourself here.

Alex Peterson is a student at SAIT who, admirably, is running because in the last election, nobody WOULD run against Hawkesworth, who won by acclamation. Peterson is particularly concerned with crime in the area.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

As per your post below you said you'd clarify what each position actually means and does. Like a school board trustee. So far I haven't seen that. Secondly, will you actually cover all candidates by Oct 15 to give them all a fair shake?
Third, who do you endorse and where you stand? Which alderman will you be supporting in your ward and especially whom do you endorse for mayor? Thanks, T.

Enlightened Savage said...

T - thanks for your comments. I will be outlining the "job descriptions" much nearer to voting day.

Also, see the post entitled "Municipal Madness" for a schedule of coverage for each race.

Lastly, I haven't endorsed anyone yet - because I haven't sufficiently researched the candidates in my ward, or the candidates for mayor, yet. It would be irresponsible, given this fact, for me to endorse ANY candidate publicly, as I'm not even well-informed enough at this time to decide for whom to vote personally.

Never fear, though... when I get there (Mayoral Break-Down will be the day before Election Day, on October 14th), I'll make it fairly clear for whom I believe the THOUSANDS of citizens of E.S. Nation should be casting their ballots. :)