Monday, October 15, 2007

Early Results

Hope everyone listened to CBC Radio for their election coverage... it was quite enlightening.

I'm back from... well, wherever the heck I've been hiding, so here we go.

Dave Bronconnier has been re-elected, but the story here is the percentage - it's hovering around 60%. This is a stark message to Dave that although he has the support of the majority, it's not without caveats. We, the people of Calgary, expect him to honour OUR priorities, not just his own.

Dale Hodges has won Ward 1. Jennifer Hodges would have made an able Alderman for the Ward, I hope she sticks with it.

Gord Lowe took advantage of the weak opposition to his candidacy, capturing Ward 2 yet again.

Helene Larocque has been unseated in Ward 3, with good reason. Jim Stevenson leads George Chahal by 250 votes, with 6 polls left to report.

Bob Hawkesworth has been re-elected handily in Ward 4.

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