Saturday, October 13, 2007

Calgary Alderman - Ward 12

Nick Halfyard is a political science and history student at the University of Athabasca. To quote his website: "My greatest aspiration is to earn my way to the top of the political ladder and make a difference in this world."

Nick's policy focuses include:
  • Mismanagement and waste on city council
  • Fewer taxes
  • Crime and policing
  • Elimination of the "ambulance fee"
  • Recycling
  • C-train service

In keeping with his fiscal conservative ideals, Nick's free website is located here.

Ric McIver has drawn the ire of some in the ward for being perceived as looking towards to mayor's job in a few years. His critics say that Ric spends too much time thinking about the city as a whole, when there are issues in Ward 12 that need to be looked after. E.S. says "suck it up, princess!". McIver, no matter what his future plans, has served his ward AND his city well since 2001. Which isn't to say Ric shouldn't be challenged... democracy demands that he SHOULD be. He also high-jacked the headlines for several weeks on his personal crusade to have city vehicles display "yellow ribbon" decals, as a sign of our city's support for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Among the issues the McIver campaign identifies:
  • Taxpayer protection
  • Arenas and Recreational facilities
  • Smart Growth
  • LRT Expansion
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Affordable Housing

Ric's website - which is a nightmare to navigate and look at, by the way, Ric - is located here.

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