Thursday, October 11, 2007

Calgary Alderman - Ward 11

Ward 11 is the only ward in the city where there is no incumbent alderman seeking re-election. As such, it poses one of the most intriguing races, as no one has the "incumbent's advantage".

Dave Matthews, as we all know, is a world-famous rock singer. Why he'd want to be a City of Calgary alderman is anyone's guess... what's that? Say again? Oh... how embarassing. Let's try this again...

Dave Matthews is a retiree who thinks that one of the biggest issues facing Calgary is urban sprawl. He wants to increase residential density in existing developments.

Dave's other issues include:
  • Rezoning
  • Transportation
  • Taxation

The Matthews campaign has no website, but you can write Dave at

James M. (Jim) Murray is a lawyer and resident of ward 11. He lists recreational facilities and park space, and protection of the Glenmore Reservoir as priorities of his. He has chaired several committees for the city.

Murray's other priorities include:
  • Transportation
  • Residential Density
  • Legacies for the Future
  • Homelessness
  • A long-term roadmap for the city's future

You can read more about Murray's campaign on his website, here.

Brian Pincott is a former NDP candidate federally. As mentioned previously in this blog, Calgarians love their municipal politicians when they're unelectable on another level - and if anything is unelectable in Calgary, it's an NDP candidate. Pincott has been extremely active on municipal issues in the past few years, being a leading voice for curbside recycling and also participating in the imagineCalgary project.

Pincott's issues include:
  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Affordable Housing
  • Smart Growth
  • Livable Neighbourhoods

Brian's website, which includes a list of all of his donors and a VERY detailed "Issues" section is located here.

Jim Rockwell is the owner of Rocky's Burgers (if you haven't tried one, you owe it to yourself), and is making his first foray into politics. Rockwell practices what he preaches, listing his donors on his website, linked below.

Jim's issues for the ward include:
  • Transportation
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Development & land use
  • Crime & safety
  • Environment

Rockwell's on-line home is here.

Evonne Whelan is a former president of the Mount Royal Community Association. She has a very detailed platform on-line, and raises several good issues and solutions.

Among Evonne's focuses:
  • Taxation
  • Crime & Safety
  • Transportation & Roads

Check out Whelan's site for yourself, here.

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