Monday, October 1, 2007

Calgary Alderman - Ward 2

Terry Avramenko is the president of the Ranchlands community association. He is a well-known community organizer. His big issues for the riding and city include:

  • North West expansion of the C-Train.
  • Secondary Suites and affordable housing
  • Traffic Calming
  • Public Toilets in the downtown core
  • More off-leash areas for pets

Terry's website is available here.

Daniel M. Del Re is a machine operator who ran for this seat in 2004. Little else is available on this candidate.

Del Re's website is located here.

Gord Lowe has served the riding as Alderman since 2001. He lists transportation woes and property taxes as his big concerns. His main issues for this term include:

  • Completion of the North West C-Train expansion.
  • More recreational and employment opportunities in the Ward.
  • Curb-side recycling
  • Expansion of Fire, Police and EMS service
  • Improve city attractions and preserve historic buildings.

Alderman Lowe's website is here.

Biagio Magliocca is a 42 year old airport consultant who suggests that himself and all of the residents of Ward 2 comprise "Team Magliocca". He has lived in the Ward for 8 years.

"Team Magliocca's" big issues are:

  • Crime
  • Expanded EMS service
  • Improved communications with residents
  • More recycling depots
  • Civic support of our troops

The Team Magliocca website is right here.

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Jeff said...

Terry is running again for Alderman in Ward 2 in the 2010 municipal election, check out his website at