Thursday, October 11, 2007

Calgary Alderman - Ward 10

My apologies for the tardiness, Nation - real life beckoned.

Andre Chabot is the incumbent for this ward, elected in 2005 to replace disgraced alderman Margot Aftergood. He has not been afraid to stand up for issues he believes strongly in, even if they aren't the easiest rows to hoe politically. He has been focusing on affordable housing as late. While many candidates have city-wide platforms, Andre has a platform aimed specifically at the residents and problems in his ward.

Chabot's priorities include:
  • Crime prevention
  • Increased recreational opportunities (rec. centres and arenas)
  • Resurfacing of Memorial Drive

For more on the Chabot campaign, visit his website here.

Nargis Dossa is a social worker, who worries that the bitter aftertaste of the "Ward 10 Scandal" may keep voters from bothering to come out on the 15th. Her primary focus is on social issues, as you might expect from a social worker.

Among Nargis' focuses:
  • Poverty
  • Negative image
  • Homelessness

Nargis' website reads like a resume - useful, but not covering her ideas, just her qualifications. It is located here.

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