Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who Says Democracy Is Dead?

49 votes.

Nation, as of the time of this post being written, there have been 49 votes cast in the poll on this blog, asking "Should The Enlightened Savage reveal his secret identity?". The "Yes" and "No" sides are in a statistical dead heat, with the "You mean this isn't daveberta?" side playing the role of potential kingmaker. This is, by FAR, the most votes I've ever gotten on a poll on this site.

So what I want from you, is something to back up your response... some of you have other ways to get in touch with me, some even KNOW who the man behind the Nation is, and I value your input especially. But for the rank-and-file citizens of E.S. Nation, I ask you: WHY should the Enlightened Savage reveal/not reveal his secret identity?

Respond as a comment to this post, please. I look forward to everyone's opinion - yours might be the one that makes up my mind for me. :)


Anonymous said...

I think your identity should remain secret; it's simply more fun that way.

Have you ever heard a voice on the radio and created a mental picture of what that person looks like? Then, eventually you see a picture of the person, and it's nothing like you imagined? Maybe you were disappointed, maybe pleasantly surprised. In either case, the mystique was gone.

I think an analogous argument can be made for keeping your identity secret... unless of course mystique isn't what you're going for :)

Anonymous said...

A better question, why should anyone care? The only reason identity would play into it is if you have some special experience that would lend your opinion more (or less) weight. So far as I've seen though, you tend to back up your opinion with references so who you are is irrelevant.

If you want the notoriety, go for it, if you don't, don't.

The only argument I'll provide for or against is one against. Revealing your real name ties your opinions now to who you are forever, however your opinions may change.

DJ Kelly said...

Is it ironic that the previous two comments are made by "Anonymous" posters?

I think 'the Internet' is slowly starting to get away from the acceptability of hiding behind anonymity. That's why I blog without the cloak it provides. I'm proud of my opinions and wish to share them with others who may or may not agree - even though I know they change over time. And that's fine. That's what community is all about. My goal is to help create discussion - and target actions - around making Calgary, Alberta, and Canada an even better place to live. I find that is easier to do when people know who you are.

So, I say the choice is up to you ES. (Obviously.) You don't tend to lean to far to one side or the other so in effect you are not the 'hidden partisan blogger' that bring such a bad name to blogging anonymity.

But if you do reveal your identity I'd be happy to buy you a drink. (If the promise of free booze doesn't sway you one way or the other I don't know what will!)

Glen said...

Reveal your identity when you announce your running to replace Ed as PC leader!

Anonymous said...

Does Batman tell people who he is after saving Gotham City?

Anonymous said...

what about your fiance?

Anonymous said...

she probably already knows who he is.

Anonymous said...

I like the anonymity, even though sounds like some people have put together the dots.

Remember, until you actually admit to it, you can always kindly disavow.

Regardless of how well-done most of your posts are, after you self-identify, the trolls will be all over you, claiming you are just a rabid partisan (more than the odd anonymous one these days).