Sunday, February 17, 2008

Imminent Hostilities in Calgary Mountainview

... okay, so that might be a bit melodramatic. But we DO have a candidate's forum (which, unlike in Calgary Elbow, the Liberal incumbent is NOT backing out of after agreeing to participate initially).

Leah Lawrence, one of the sharpest knives in the PC drawer (especially on the environment) will be taking on David Swann, the current incumbent and Liberal Environment Critic, in a debate to be held this Tueday, February 19th at Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Centre (1320 - 5 Ave NW).

The show starts at 7 pm, so arrive early for good seats. If you're a Mountainview resident, or just a local concerned with environmental issues, this is going to be a debate you'll want to be attending - Lawrence and Swann are the heavy-hitters for their respective parties on the issue of the environment, and they're running against each other in the same riding.

I know who I'm betting on to win the debate - but will that translate at the polls? Stay tuned... Mountainview gets written up on Feb. 25th.


Anonymous said...

Leah rocked the debate tonight! It was fantastic. Nice work leah. Definitely someone to watch.

Anonymous said...

Didn't attend but according to friends there were some very pro=Liberal supporters there. They said it reminded them of going to see a comedian but there was one heckler that wouldn't shut up. If a candidate has volunteers who hijack a debate isn't that a bad thing...