Saturday, February 9, 2008

If You Want Something Done Right...

Nation, I spent much of last night huddled in deep discussion with the Cabinet of E.S. Nation. I have, as recently as yesterday, held out hope that the MSM would be able to cover this election race in a way that would add to the discussion, rather than to the cacophony of noise and spin.

It seems that few share my optimism.

And so, against my better judgement, and doubtless to the detriment of my relationship, I'll be covering the Race For Calgary. All 23 constituencies within the boundaries of the City of Calgary will be featured, starting... well, I guess, starting today.

I am NOT fool enough to try to cover all 83 seats... I have little more idea what's happening in Peace River or Medicine Hat than any of you, and won't pretend anything to the contrary.

CALGARY, though, I know. And so it begins.

I'll also be covering the races in the constituencies of the party leaders... as we saw with Lady MacBeth, often a party will push "extra hard" to gain a seat held by an opposing party's leader. E.S. will let you know what's happening in the home ridings of Ed Stelmach (PC), Kevin Taft (Lib), Brian Mason (NDP), Paul Hinman (WAP), and George Read (Grn).

Hold on tight, kids...

p.s. early Vegas odds are favouring Ken Chapman over daveberta for their "Citv TV Slaughterhouse Match" next Friday, giving Ken an early 3 to 2 line. Dave has momentum, coming off his big CBA Triple-Crown win, but Ken's a trained lawyer - in any spontaneous discussion where b.s. is allowed, the edge HAS to go to the lawyer. The over/under time for punches thrown is 7:51 am, right after the weather. ;-)

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Great news. Looking forward to come "enlightened" thinking. My apologies to your significant other.