Thursday, February 21, 2008

Early Debate Thoughts

Mason's playing to his strengths... he says he wants to make life more affordable - on a personal level, perhaps, but not a public one. 2 mentions of "normal families" in 45 seconds. Nice.

Stelmach has been working on his delivery. The shifting from foot to foot is distracting. Pretty standard fare we've been hearing for 2 weeks.

Hinman goes on the attack early. Good message for disenchanted Tories, but needs to make more eye contact.

Taft is laying out his complaints against the Tories well, but he's not telling me why the Liberals should be the party to lead us to our future...

Thomson's question seems loaded, and Ed is floundering on the reply... good content, but he seems flustered. Mason's rebuttal continues his theme of putting the PC's and Grits in the same boat. Hinman scored a few good point. Ed's talking to the cameras, not to his opponents. Mason is trying to get more than his fair share of camera time. The moderators are letting this get out of hand - I can't tell what anyone's saying. Hinman is coming across as a pitbull. Ed needs to make his points more succinctly - he's trying to replace the "30 second sound-byte" with the "5 minute sound-byte"... don't know if that'll catch on.

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