Thursday, February 21, 2008

Debate: After the Second Commercial Break

My politics-hating fiancee says: "Taft is just nitpicking. He's not making any constructive suggestions". She's pretty smart - wonder why she's marrying me.

I wonder what's going on in the Obama-Clinton debate right now...

OR in Calgary Fish Creek...

Higgins throws a bit of a softball. Hinman comes off as a potential Premier, at least in his delivery. He's definitely pushing hard for those upset Tories. He's going to boost his numbers with tonight's performance. Taft's verbose style is costing him again and again. Ease up on the syllables, Professor Taft. Ed seems... well, steady. Not sexy and exciting, but steady. He's no Ralph - but who is? Mason throws in some humour - well done. It's a good contrast to Taft's negativity.

Taft... well, he seems liek he's trying to pick up a girl at last call. Mason's bringing royalties into it - no big problem, there, as his base isn't exactly the Oil-patch executive crowd. Ed: It was a decisive decision? Yikes... my high school English teacher is sharpening her ruler as we speak. Hinman hitting on top-down leadership, that'll ring true with his supporters.

Taft says we need to slow down development - he may have a point. His "building a garage" analogy is sound. Mason again seems logical. Hinmans' talking about the kind of stuff that Leah Lawrence was describing in Calgary Mountainview on Tuesday night. Ed's playing the Chretien card... this might get interesting. Mason continues to hammer home the conflict of interest suggestion. Ed HAS to make his points faster, he's getting cut off before he gets to the point. Is Hinman calling Stelmach stupid? He's coming across as the champion for the oilpatch... cheque's in the mail, Paul. Ed hits back with 2 $20 Billion projects announced recently, and slips in the "people moving into Alberta" remark under the deadline. My fiancee says Ed doesn't make a very good argument, "to us non-political types".

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