Sunday, September 30, 2007

Calgary Alderman - Ward 1

Jennifer Banks is a social worker by trade, with a solid background in helping environmental causes. In short, she's a perfect example of how Calgarians like their municipal politicians: completely unelectable in this city to any other level of government. :) Her four focuses are:

  • Creating communities of character
  • Green growth, sustainable city
  • Increasing affordable housing
  • Governing with integrity and respect

Jennifer also keeps a blog on her website, so big props for that. She has a Facebook group, and posts her schedule on-line, so clearly she's trying to use "new media" to overcome the differential in name recognition between her and the incumbent. Her website is here.

Dale Hodges is the incumbent for Ward 1. He has served the riding since 1983, and is seeking his 9th mandate from the voters.

His issues and goals for the next term include:

  • Sustainable growth of the transportation infrastructure in Calgary.
  • Sustainable land use planning framework
  • Sustainable long-term planning, financially (anyone else see a pattern here?)
  • Affordable housing
Dale's website, complete with his home and cell-phone numbers, is located here.

Normand Perrault ran in the last election, losing handily to Dale Hodges. Despite the fact that this is his second run at office, there is precious little information available about him or his policies. Tip to Normand: Get a website! Heck, a Blog is even FREE! :)

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Heather said...

It would appear that he has a blog now...

Interesting. Intrigue in ward one!