Friday, September 21, 2007

Public School Board Trustee - Wards 5 & 10

Without an incumbent running (Kyle Fawcett, the former trustee, is planning to run for MLA), the race for wards 5 and 10 should be a hotly contested one.

Pamela King is a mother of 2 and former CBE employee who feels that the board's most pressing issue is its labour crunch. She feels that the board needs to de a better job attracting and retaining top-level staff (read: scream at the province for more money).

Michael Peter Stefanyshyn is a former High School teacher who left the classroom disgusted with the politics within the system (a common refrain among teachers at the high school level). In his estimation, if he was going to have to deal with politics anyway, it may as well be an OFFICIAL part of the job, instead of an unfortunate necessity. The 27 year-old feels that more money needs to made available to the "front lines" of education - the classroom - that is tied up in unneccesary overhead costs and grossly disproportionate levels of administration staff.

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