Sunday, September 16, 2007

There's Something in the Air...

Autumn. There's a certain excitement in the air... no, it's not the CFL stretch drive to the playoffs (luckily, my beloved Eskimos have taken care of that distraction for me this year). Neither is it the start of the NFL season, the impending Major League Baseball playoffs (yawn!), or even the start of pre-season action in the NHL.


I know I've been remiss in my duty to inform as of late. I have, however, been preparing to launch a full-out assault on the near total lack of information that accompanies each municipal election in Calgary. The refrains I hear most often during municipal elections are "I don't know who any of these people are, or what they stand for - there's no media coverage for anything but the mayor's race. I recognize the incumbent Alderman's name for my ward - MAYBE. And who the heck are all these people running for school board trustee? What IS a school board trustee?"

Nation, The Enlightened Savage is your official Calgary Municipal Election 2007 Hook-Up. You wanna know? I'll TELL you. We will be offering pillar-to-post coverage of the candidates for each position. There will, naturally, be more to say, both good and bad, about the incumbents in most cases - some of them are running on 3 or 6 (or more) years of on-the-record history. But nevertheless, we will be offering the usual in-depth analysis of EVERY race, from the Mayor's chair to Ward 8 Alderman to Catholic School Trustees...

Check back often. If there's something you want me to look into, let me know via a comment or at my email, published to the right in the "About Me" area (campaign "leaks" welcome as well). And for goodness sake, VOTE. Vote TWICE, if you can (and then let me know, so I can blow the lid off the voting improprieties). The election is Monday, October 15th.
In 2004, 17% of the eligible voters bothered to show up and exercise their right to choose their leaders. SEVENTEEN PERCENT. If you voted, five of your friends couldn't be bothered.

If that embarassing trend continues, then your vote on October 15th will be on behalf of 6 people. Make it count - cast an INFORMED ballot, by bookmarking The Enlightened Savage for all the analysis on the candidates in Calgary.

Big Poppa E.S. is your hook-up... holla if you hear me...

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