Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well Done, Nation!

The citizens of the E.S. Nation have come through in spades, with a full 88% of those polled saying they would be casting votes in the upcoming Calgary Municipal Election. (Those who live in Ward 10 pledged to vote at LEAST once!)

Th 12% who said they would not be voting cited living outside of Calgary as an excuse. I guess we'll let that one slide... for now. :)

Now, if only we can get 88% voter turn-out in the election itself. Spread the word, Nation - inspire your fellow citizens to vote! We are all affected by the choices that the mayor and council make - we should all have a say in who they are.

As always, you can just send those disinclined to vote to the Enlightened Savage - E.S. will set them straight. :)

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