Monday, October 18, 2010

Ward 13 Profile

(before choosing a candidate for Alderman, please see my post on what the job actually entails)

Calgary's Ward 13 includes most of Calgary south of Anderson Road and west of MacLeod Trail.  It's a suburban ward, with many of the communities less than 30 years old.  Several of the communities are lucky enough to border Fish Creek Provincial Park.  Issues most often listed as high priorities in Ward 13 these days include policing, transportation (particularly the SW Ring Road), and preservation of natural spaces (in particular, the Shawnee Slopes issue).

The candidates (listed in alphabetical order, by first name) are:

Andrew Rodych

Rodych is a Shawnee resident, and a graduate of the University of Calgary in Political Science.  An avid recreationalist, he's a frequent user of public transit and an entrepreneur.  He's also due to be schooled by The Enlightened Savage in a game of Axis & Allies some day soon.

The issues that Andrew identifies most closely with are:
  • Real Representation
  • Community Characteristics
  • Budget Transparency

Rodych's website can be found here.
Rodych's audio Savaging can be found here.

Diane Colley-Urquhart

Colley-Urquhart is the incumbent Alderman, having been first elected in 2000.  She was most recently acclaimed, in 2007.  A Registered Nurse for 40 years, Diane still volunteers at the Chronic Pain Centre.  She currently serves as the Chair of the city's Standing Policy Committee on Land Use, Planning & Transportation.

Diane identifies the following issues as important to her:
  • Sustainable Communities & Innovation
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Public Safety & Security

Colley-Urquhart's website can be found here.

Sandy Jenkins

Jenkins is a geophysicist and business owner, who finished 3rd in the race for Mayor of Calgary in 2007.  An avid sports fan, Jenkins coaches his son's soccer team and has a daughter enrolled in piano and choir (no word on whether Sandy's enough of a singer to coach the choir).

Sandy's issues include:
  • Transit and Transportation
  • Homelessness
  • Recreation, Environment & Community Living
  • Communication & Consultation

Jenkins' website can be found here.
Jenkins' audio Savaging can be found here.

Trevor Hodge

Hodge is a Bridlewood resident with 3 daughters (none of whom, miraculously, have succumbed to "Bieber Fever"), running on an "everyman platform".  He has 25 years' experience in the Hospitality field.

Trevor cites the following as the big issues for Ward 13:
  • Infrastructure
  • SW Ring Road
  • Taxes & the Budget
  • Shawnee Slopes

Hodge's website can be found here.
Hodge's audio Savaging can be found here.

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