Sunday, October 10, 2010

The More Things Change...

Nation, I was doing some research through my archives this morning when I came across this passage, written the morning after the 2007 Civic Election.

Among the issues that Calgarians want Bronco and the new council to deal with (despite his brave "they want exactly what I offered them" face last night):

  • Council Transparency

  1.  A formal record of all council votes
  2. Campaign finance reform
  3. Full disclosure of donors BEFORE voting day

  •  Affordable Housing

  1.  Expansion of capacity and units
  2. Secondary suites - NOT the $25,000 / 20 year-plan Bronco championed (universally panned as an unrealistic farce of a proposal)

  •  Transportation

  1.  Re-routing of the Westward LRT line
  2. South West ring-road
  3. Expansion of C-Train service and capacity

  •  Public Safety

  1.  Increased funding for the Calgary Police, Fire and EMS departments

  •  Environment

  1.  Expansion of curbside recycling to include high density housing
  2. Snow removal (a perrennial complaint)
  3. Protection of the Bow and Elbow watershed, both within and UPSTREAM of the city limits

... stop me when any of this starts to sound familiar.
So, I put it to you, Nation - of the items on that list, written 3 years ago - how many have been resolved?

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