Saturday, October 30, 2010

15 Minutes With Premier Ed Stelmach

The Premier is 10 feet away from me, making himself available to the media - yes, even the bloggers.

This is a sampling of his thoughts...

"... we've got some time to go before the next campaign, but I feel confident..."

"... (the next election) will be in Spring of 2012... I'm not the kind of individual that governs according to polls."

"... we've always had turnover (with candidates)... this reflects the changing values of Albertans..."

"... as we told Mr. Cameron when he was here, you can travel anywhere and talk to anyone (about the oilsands), I'm not sure that's true in (other energy exporting countries)..."

"... when we get to caucus, everyone has the opportunity for a frank, honest discussion... that's my role as Leader, to build consensus within the party..."

"... I get along with (Prime Minister Harper) very well... my job is to advocate for Albertans, and I'm doing that..."

"... I made a commitment we're going to balance (the budget) by 2012-2013, and we're going to do it..."

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