Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ward 14 Recount

Nation, just because I didn't already have ENOUGH to do today... The City has indicated there will be a recount of the Ward 14 Aldermanic ballots, scheduled for 12 noon today.

What, exactly, triggered this recount is unclear at this time, although it seems somewhat unusual given the margin of victory for Election Day winner Peter Demong.  Early suggestions are that to trigger a recount like this requires a formal request from another of the candidates, or a minimum of 100 rejected ballots per polling station.  You may recall that Ward 14 DID experience some ballot shortages on Election Day, so it may be related to that issue.

We'll be all over this story as it develops.

As a reminder, the "unofficial results" at the conclusion of the first count were:

Demong, Peter - 8483
Dur, Richard - 7188
Fox-Mellway, Linda - 5187
Gerelus, Ken - 1324
Kao, Shawn - 5647
Tummonds, Billy The Butcher - 1201

Stay tuned.

- E.S.

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