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Ward 14 Profile

(before choosing a candidate for Alderman, please see my post on what the job actually entails)

Ward 14 includes most of the communities south of Southland Drive, in between MacLeod Trail and the Bow River.  It is a study in contrasts, with swanky lake communities and some of the oldest standing buildings in the city, within the area formerly occupied by the Town of Midnapore.  Fish Creek Provincial Park and the green belt along the eastern bank of the Bow River bless the area with natural appeal - which is one of the reasons the POES (Parents Of the Enlightened Savage) chose to settle there when I was just a wee little Savage.  Issues most often listed as high priorities in Ward 14 include transportation (including the SE C-Train extension), property taxes and snow removal.

The candidates (listed in alphabetical order, by first name) are:

Billy The Butcher Tummonds

Tummonds is a local business owner - I'm a little unclear, as of my print deadline, what business he's in, though.  Deeply involved in the community, Billy has been able - up until now, that is - to keep his deep, dark past a secret...  but no longer.  Tummonds is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  There. I said it.

Among the issues that Billy The Butcher wants addressed:
  • Transportation
  • Community Safety & Emergency Services
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Recreation
  • Environmental Issues

Tummonds' website can be found here.
Tummonds' Savaging in print can be found here.

Ken Gerelus

Gerelus is a tech entrepreneur, who coaches hockey, basketball and soccer in Deer Run.  A father of 2, Ken is also an avid fundraiser and volunteer for local charities and causes.

Ken lists many issues as being important to him, such as:
  • Housing for the aged
  • Traffic & snow removal
  • Fiscal accountability at City Hall

Gerelus' website can be found here.

Linda Fox-Mellway

Fox-Mellway is the incumbent in Ward 14, having first been elected in 1995.  Most recently, she was acclaimed in 2007. The proud mother is a former President of her local Community Association, and was awarded an Alberta Centennial Silver Medallion in recognition of her volunteer work.

Linda lists the following as being important for Ward 14:
  • Mobility & Transportation
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Public Safety
  • The Environment

Peter Demong

Demong is a local business owner in Deer Valley, and has served as the Municipal Chairperson of the Progressive Group for Independent Business.  A doting father to 2 girls, Demong's campaign made news with its delcaration that they had managed to knock on every single door in Ward 14 - some more than once.

Peter's policy focus includes:
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Cost Control
  • Taxation

Demong's website can be found here.
Demong's audio Savaging can be found here.

Richard Dur

Dur is a small business owner and expectant father, who moonlights as a political operative (having managed Paul Hinman's successful by-election bid in 2009).  His hand-written "thank-you" notes have been quite a hit on the campaign trail. 

Richard's issues include:
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Safe Neighbourhoods
  • Taxes
  • Democratic Accountability

Dur's website can be found here.
Dur's Savaging in print can be found here.

Shawn Kao

Kao is a local IT businessman and father to 3 girls.  Originally from just outside of Grande Prairie, Shawn settled down with a Calgary gal, and calls Lake Bonavista home.  He's an avid volleyball player and has been since high school - his team finished 2nd in the Provincial Finals to the mighty Bishop Grandin Ghosts. ;)

Some of Shawn's more frequently-mentioned policy areas include:
  • Infrastructure
  • Transit
  • Quality of Life
  • Snow Removal

Kao's website can be found here.
Kao's audio Savaging can be found here.

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