Sunday, September 19, 2010

Audio: Interview with Ward 13 Candidate Andrew Rodych

Nation, my 2nd interview of yesterday was with Andrew Rodych, who is seeking the consent of the residents of Ward 13 to sit as their representative on city council as Alderman.

Andrew was 5 minutes early for our appointment at a local establishment that rhymes with "Crumpty's", and rattled through my prepared questions with clear, concise and well thought-out responses - which is all the more impressive when one considers he hasn't done a lot of interviews, and some of my questions were quite literally from WAY out in left field.

I should apologize for 2 items in the interview: Firstly, the background noise is a little harsh at times - the hazard of recording an interview in a restaurant. Secondly, I incorrectly identified "Rodych" as a good, strong German name. It is, in fact, a good, strong Ukrainian name - to my Ukrainian friends, please stop pelting my house with pyrohy.

Rodych's interview appears below.

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