Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Audio: Interview with Ward 13 Candidate Sandy Jenkins

Nation, I had a chance last week to sit down with Ward 13 candidate Sandy Jenkins at a restaurant on Bannister Road.

Jenkins, who some may remember finished 3rd in the Mayoral race in 2007, was forthright and open with his answers.  His opinions might not be the most popular on some issues, but no one can accuse him of sugar-coating his thoughts.

His interview appears below.

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Anonymous said...

DOES NOT LIVE IN THE WARD. This candidate lives in the NW. How can he represent the ward 13 candidtates? He talks about downtown and NW LRT issues..huh?...what about LRT issues in the deep south? What about traffic issues on MacLeod trail? What about the lack of recreational and art facilities in Ward 13? What about the crime issues in Ward 13? Does he even know anything about ward 13?

Anonymous said...

Interesting story from 2007 in the Calgary Herald about candidate and where he lives.....
"Jenkins, who lives in Hillhurst with his wife and two small children, said he wants to get involved with civic politics to make a difference in Calgary."


Unknown said...

I have met this individual canvassing and he comes across as boring and un-inspiring both personally as well as in this interview. One can't help but wonder at his grandiose schemes (underground LRT and back to the T'suu Tina AGAIN?) which will never see the light of day. I don't mind individuals living outside the immediate community but he seems completely unaware of the key issues facing the area he is hoping to get elected in. Can't even name a good restaurant in the area - good grief!