Sunday, September 19, 2010

Audio: Interview with Ward 11 Candidate Wayne Frisch

Nation, let's just say my recorder was working overtime on Saturday.

My third interview of the day was with Ward 11 Aldermanic candidate Wayne Frisch. Wayne was able to meet me in Cedarbrae for a quick conversation in between his duties as "dad/chauffeur".  He had some interesting thoughts about both his suitability for the job at hand, and also the suitability of the incumbent.

This represents the last (as far as we know) interview for Ward 11 candidates - all 4 declared candidates have been interviewed. It will be most interesting to see how my fellow contributor Jennifer Laraway carries the coverage of this ward from this point forward - as she is herself an undecided resident of Ward 11. I look forward to her thoughts, as well as those of the rest of The Best Political Team in the Blogosphere (TM) - and all of you.

The Frisch interview appears below.

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