Monday, September 17, 2007

By-election Results

EDIT 11:28 Mountain Time:

Results are final, with all polls reporting.

Final returns from the Federal By-elections in Quebec tonight.

168 of 168 polls
Thomas Mulcair (NDP) 47.5%
Jocelyn Coulon (Lib) 29.0%
Jean-Paul Gilson (BQ) 10.9%
Gilles Duguay (Con) 8.6

194 of 194 polls
Denis Lebel (Con) 59.4%
Céline Houde (BQ) 27.0%
Louise Boulanger (Lib) 9.6%

224 of 224 polls
Ève-Mary Thaï Thi Lac (BQ) 42.1%
Bernard Barré (Con) 37.5%
Brigitte Sansoucy (NDP) 7.9%
Jean Caumartin (Lib) 7.4%

Analysis after the votes are all counted... but a very, VERY bad night to be Stephane Dion.


Kirk Schmidt said...

My analysis in a nutshell
-The NDP have made gains, especially in an area where gains have been severely limited for the party. It's a good time for them for a general election.
-The Tories are *THE* alternative to le Bloc Québecois - winning Roberval and finishing in a very decent second in Saint-Hyacinthe. The fact that they fared so poorly in Outremont is not a comment on the Tories, but a comment on Outremont's political leanings.
-The Bloc not only lost advantage in Saint-Hyacinthe, they also lost a riding in Sovereignist country to the Tories.
-The Grits imploded.

So, grits and Bloc down, the NDP and the Tories making gains. Unless the polls start to sag for Harper in a month, or the Bloc or Grits decide to prop up the government to give themselves more recovery time, we may see some real action starting October 16th.

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for Dion... almost.

Actually, if intentional sabotage was been done by Liberals loyal to a failed leadership candidate - as alleged in the press yesterday/earlier today - then I would honestly feel sorry for Dion. Even though I have no intention of voting Liberal. Ever.

But those allegations just don't square to me. The results weren't even close. And those individuals who think to undermine their own party (even temporarily) in order to bring down the current leader and replace with another... they are fools, and would commit their own party to the electoral wasteland for years. I have a hard time thinking that any senior people in a political party would be BOTH that petty and that incredibly stupid.

Eh, but then again, this party is known for keeping feuds running longer than an Italian governing coalition.