Sunday, May 9, 2010

Calgary West Result

Nation, it's the genuine E.S. here, up from what may very well be my deathbed (or I *could* just be an especially whiny head-and-chest cold sufferer) with what may be breaking news...

Senior Calgary-Westologist Kirk Schmidt is reporting via Twitter that the Anders slate has been elected to the CPC EDA Board of Directors.

I'm seeking confirmation on this, but it may be hard to come by at 4 am. It's the only news I've heard either way about the results, though, for what that's worth.

-E.S., wondering about the line of succession for the blog if I don't pull through - does it go to Jane?

UPDATE: The Calgary Sun is confirming Kirk Schmidt's report. The Anders slate has been elected by the Calgary-West Conservatives.

I expect word next week about whether the "Our Calgary West" people will be pursuing the party over reported voting ireegularities (which, having not been present, I can neither confirm nor deny). You'd think, though, that if there was any riding in the country where the CPC would try to run an AGM 100% by-the-book, without any mistakes or faux pas, it'd be Calgary-West after the year they've had - right?


Anonymous said...

Voting Irregularities? They were beaten 2 to 1.
My goodness will the pseudo tories never give up?

joven said...
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Anonymous said...

Rob Anders is a big supporter of the Wildrose Alliance.

Anonymous said...

Rob Anders is also one of the only true conservatives in Alberta. Look at the red tories like Jason Kenney.