Sunday, May 2, 2010

For Sale: 1 Savage. Slightly Used.

Nation, while your franchise should be absolutely not for sale (at ANY price, which brings to mind much-needed campaign donation limits), what IS fore sale right now are shares in yours truly.

Yes, The Enlightened Savage has gotten on-board the Empire Avenue express.

Empire Avenue, for the uninitiated, tracks your social networking "footprint", and assigns a share price to the level of influence that you exhibit through such things as blog posts, Tweets, Facebook postings, and more.

You can get more information, or sign up, at

If you need an invitation to sign up (I did - big props to BRITL for the hook-up!), you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, email, snail mail, cell phone, carrier pigeon or via smoke signals.

And when you DO sign up - buy SAVAGE. The stock price is headed for the moon - strap yourself on to this rocket before it gets too high to reach! ;)

(Note for Stephen's sake: That'll be especially true if they determine value on a "words-per-blog-post" basis)

- E.S., also known as "Microsoft in April 1986"

1 comment:

Stephen Carter said...

You disappoint E.S. A comparably short post. I was hoping for perhaps a comparison on the time wasting scale of Four Square versus Empire Avenue.

Perhaps an in depth interview with @imparo about Four Square and how it will change the PC party?

Lastly, any post that does not pump up the hopelessly outdated and bound for the trash bin PC Party of Alberta is a good post by me!