Saturday, May 8, 2010

One Day Only

Nation, for today only - Saturday, May the 8th, 2010 - you're going to be lucky enough to read posts from the "Savage-for-a-Day", who will be attending the Conservative Party of Canada's Calgary West EDA Annual General Meeting this afternoon.

The SfaD, who may or may not reveal their true identity (up to them) will be posting directly to this blog via e-mail from their mobile device for the remainder of the day. It is my hope that hearing about the goings-on at this controversial meeting directly from someone in attendance may offer a bit more clarity than if I were to take what I was hearing and try to pass it along, as third-hand information. It also offers the chance for the millions of members of the E.S. Nation to get real-time updates from the meeting, without waiting for me to get around to posting updates.

Tomorrow, the true Enlightened Savage will be back in the saddle. Until then - enjoy the change of pace, and keep an eye on this space (I know that *I* will) - things are about to get hot in Calgary West!

- E.S. (the real one)

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