Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ironic Liz May Quote of the Day

"We appeal to Reformers who ... believe their party was a grassroots democracy and found out that (the Tories had) the most top-down autocratic-style of government in Canadian history."

Good call... I think everyone agrees that the Greens are a grassroots party, where the leader would never, for example, show up at nomination meetings to endorse their preferred candidates and attack those candidates who oppose their own leadership.

After all... that would be a top-down, autocratic style of leadership...


kenchapman said...

Reform started out as a protest against Mulroney's pandering to Quebec for personal political power...the very thing Harper is doing now.

Old-time Reformer will likely stay home this election. The really angry ones may just vote Green as a way to really send a message to Harper.

One can only hope.

susansmith said...

Actually Ken I disagree. The reformers despised the liberals more so then the Tory's. May's open endorsement of Dion nixed that "shift" in the bud.