Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick: What's Albertan For "Go (bleep) Yourself"?

... turns out it sounds a whole lot like "have a nice day".

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Anonymous said...

Last year, Bronconnier sends a (tax-payer funded) letter with the property tax notice to Calgarians that all but calls Stelmach a liar (for daring to put a few strings on billions in funding for Calgary) in an attempt to score political points. I don't recall any apology being given then, when the money in fact came through as promised.

This year, the Mayor demands an apology because someone noted that he used a very tragic personal incident to try and extort more money from the province - over and above the money already committed for 100 new cops for the city.

What absolute gall!

Even the Calgary Herald, which is usually "in the tank" for Bronco, has an online poll asking:

"Do you think Mayor Bronconnier's assertive stance towards Premier Stelmach is working for Calgary?"

75% of respondents say "No".

I think the request for the apology should be going in the other direction.