Monday, September 15, 2008

Turner vs. CPAC vs. Janke - The Blogosphere Gets It Right

See, the aggravating thing about the internet, Garth Turner, is that it's not simply a tool you can use to glorify yourself and score political cheap-shots against your opponents. Sometimes, being the "best-known politician on the blogosphere" can come back to bite you.

Judge for yourself...

Angry in the Great White North sees something amiss in the CPAC coverage of Garth Turner door-knocking in his riding of Halton. Shouldn't Garth know that guy? The son of his campaign manager?

Doesn't SEEM like Garth knows his campaign manager's son... After all, if he DID know the guy, this would be a set-up, right? Dishonest. Speaking to poor character. So, we'll take Garth at his word, that he doesn't know the son of his campaign manager. At least, with the facts coming to light, Garth would no doubt be happy to post a response on his campaign website? No? Well, surely he'll be more than happy to discuss the issue and clear the air with CPAC's Peter van Dusen, right?

Party on, Garth.

UPDATE: 9/16 11:07 am

Garth owns it. Daylight IS the best disinfectant, after all. Now, what about his Tory opponent?


James Curran said...

Perhaps Garth's opponent Lisa Raitt could also explain to CPAC how she ventured into a local business that jsut happened to be owned by an Conservative EDA Director's wife. Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

He should have just admitted to knowing the guy instead of trying to hide the fact.