Thursday, September 18, 2008

And You WONDER Why Stephen Doesn't Let Anyone Else Speak?

Question: What do you do to high-jack the news cycle when the talking heads are gabbing about your Minister of Agriculture's oh-so-funny joke about a deadly breach of food safety?

Answer: Have an aide to your Minister of Transport make racist allusions, on camera.

Wow... at this rate, Rob Anders could turn out to be one of the SMALLEST liabilities Harper has to worry about in this campaign. At least Rob's following the strict, written guidelines he was given for speaking to the media - including the pause on the phone while he found the page to read off of.

(Oh, and just a quick note to Darlene Lannigan: your candidate's campaign office is not a "federal office" - the fact that Cannon got elected in 2006 doesn't make his re-election campaign an official enterprise of the Federal Government.)

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