Friday, August 27, 2010


Nation, I try to avoid schmaltz whenever I can.  Generally, I fail miserably.  I'm just a sensitive guy.

This week saw the birth of my first nephew.  He was 6 weeks early, but is doing exceptionally well, thanks to the tireless efforts of the staff of professionals at the Rockyview General Hospital.  He'll be going home with mommy and daddy any day now.

Sitting in the neo-natal ICU, looking down at this tiny, little person, makes one acutely aware of how fragile life is.  How careful we have to be with the things that matter the most.

Little Felix is going to have a great upbringing - his parents are great, his big sister is already fiercely proud of him even though she can't hold him yet, and both mom & dad come from close-knit families.  The question then becomes: What sort of a society will he grow up into? Will it be just? Safe? Warm and embracing of diversity, or cold and lonely?

I am more committed than ever before to help shape the world that he grows up in.  I HAVE to do it, because I'm in the position to DO so - and those with the opportunity to effect positive change who choose instead to squander that opportunity are tools of mediocrity.  I'm going to run for office.  I'm going to appeal to people's greater selves. I'm going to listen to the best ideas, regardless of whether or not they come from "opponents". And I'm going to help build a better world for Felix, the same way people like Peter Lougheed and Grant Notley helped millions of Albertans build a better world for Felix's father - my kid brother.

I owe Felix nothing less.

- Uncle E.S.

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Don Middleton said...

Well put my friend. Please pass on congratulations to your brother.