Friday, August 6, 2010

Andrew Rodych to run for Alderman in Ward 13

Nation, as part of my duties as one of the charter members of and The Best Political Team in the Blogosphere (TM), I'll be covering the aldermanic race in Ward 13.

I received a press release last night from the campaign to elect Andrew Rodych as Alderman for Ward 13.  I have never met Mr. Rodych, and had not heard of him until last night, but I commend him for his decision to put his name on a ballot in an effort to improve his community.  Well done, sir!

A quick google search for Rodych yields the information that he's at least partially crazy, as he plays goal in a recreational ball-hockey league.  I've seen how some of those rec. league guys slap that ball - you've GOT to be crazy to play goalie.

On a more serious note, though - rather than running with platitudes and pretty words hiding a lack of substantive proposals, as many candidates across the city seem to be, the very first press release from Rodych outlines his plan to bring forward what he's calling a "Community Characteristic Bylaw", so as to protect in perpetuity those areas that are most valued by a community - parks, golf courses, green spaces, recreation centres, lakes, et cetera. 

The result of a place being designated as a "Community Characteristic", under Rodych's proposal, is that the city could not re-zone the area later - a situation that hits close to home for many in Ward 13, in light of the ongoing battle over the proposed redevelopment of Shawnee Slopes Golf Course into housing.
The Community Characteristic Bylaw is part of the "Communities First" plank of the Rodych campaign.  The others are "Smart Planning", and "Real Representation".

A quick perusal of the Rodych website shows a surprisingly rare feature - a discussion board.  This is a feature that most campaigns in this election, for whatever reason, haven't included on their own websites.  Showing a willingness to converse publicly with the electorate, while regrettably rare, is certainly a quality for which I give Andrew full marks.

Andrew Rodych will officially announce his candidacy on August 9th.  You can find more information about Andrew, and his policies, on his website at

- E.S.

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I can confirm that as a ball hockey player myself, these goalies are nuts! We actually played against this chap in 2009 twice...winning one and losing one!