Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Audio: Interview with Ward 11 Candidate Ernest McCutcheon

Nation, I had a chance on Tuesday evening to sit down and speak with Ward 11 candidate Ernest McCutcheon over some delicious blueberry cobbler and Grizzly Paw Root Beer.  Ernest has previously been interviewed by my fellow contributor, and my personal Padawan Learner, Shane over at calgaryrants (do you have your tickets for the bowling fundraiser yet?).

While the conversation went on until MUCH later than anticipated, the recorded interview itself lasted a shade over 30 minutes - once I figured out how to turn the recorder on (insert your own wisecrack here).

This is the 2nd interview I've conducted for Ward 11's Aldermanic race.  I've also heard from the third challenger and will be setting something up with him soon, which leaves just the incumbent.  Brian - your move. I'm not hard to find. ;)

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