Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Audio: Interview with Ward 11 Candidate James Maxim

Nation, last night was a good night to be the Enlightened Savage. 

I kicked it off with an all-too-brief appearance at the Calgary Tweet-Up (shout outs to @prairies and @theRoundhouse), and I was then pulled away so that I could have the pleasure of sitting down over a Coke Zero (this diet is going to kill me!) with James Maxim, candidate for Alderman in Ward 11.  We had a great chat, a lot of which is going to make it into my later "candidate profile" post for Mr. Maxim, and he also kindly agreed to be interviewed on-the-record.

The following is the entire interview, with no edits save the deletion of the first 30 seconds of audio which included such gems from your humble scribe as "HOW DO I WORK MY iPHONE?" and "THANK GOODNESS FOR AUDIO EDITING SOFTWARE!"

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