Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audio: Interview with Mayoral Candidate Kent Hehr

Nation, I had the opportunity to sit down briefly with mayoral hopeful and MLA for Calgary-Buffalo Kent Hehr in advance of his fundraiser last night at Lord Nelson's Pub.

The fundraiser itself was well-attended, and spirits were high. Hehr gave a brief speech, followed by an Elvis who looked suspiciously like a former head of the Public Teachers' Union, and then a local band starting rocking the joint - which was my cue to leave (the band was good, but I had other commitments).

We had a chance to talk about Hehr's vision for the city, transparency, public safety, sandwiches, and a bunch of other stuff as well.  Take a listen!

Note 1: There was music playing in the background, which I've tried to filter out somewhat in the "audio cleaning" process.  You will, however, still hear the background noise. It IS a pub, after all. :)

Note 2: The interview was being conducted in full view of everyone who walked in, so at several points you'll hear people come over and try to talk to Kent, a server come by with some nice cold Diet Cokes, etc.  I've kept these in the audio as part of my commitment to provide you, the members of the E.S. Nation, with unfiltered content.

Note 3: Kent drops the "s" bomb 4 times in this interview, by my count (think "shoot", but without the kids around).  Unless you're the type of person who hits their thumb with a hammer and thinks "fiddlesticks", you're probably not going to be offended.  But, be forewarned.

Note 4: At one point in the evening, a campaign volunteer asked if I was Rick Bell.  I responded in the negative, then promptly ran to Shoppers Drug Mart for Rogaine and exfoliating face scrub.

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Anonymous said...

He hedged his run by not resigning his seat as MLA. Nice guy, ok, but a political opportunist. He lost my trust.

GuyCybershy said...

There can be a detriment too if the candidate resigns his seat in the legislature.Not every politician has that view of hedging his position.This is a telling comment -how jaded the public is that they don't even think that someone could run for public service without having a hedge-very telling.

From someone who believes in the honest electoral process whatever the level of government.

Anonymous said...

Very telling, indeed, Mr. Cyber(not so)shy. Of course, he would be detrimentally unemployed if he resigned his MLA seat and didn’t win for Mayor. How jaded the elected are, is more the point; double-dipping, hedging, there are other terms. By the way, I voted for him for this current public service position that he thinks so little of. Not that I think he has a chance of winning, but have you calculated what a by-election would cost, not only in terms of money? It’s insulting, particularly to the ALP. Well… unemployed this year, unemployed next. Welcome to the ranks of ordinary Albertans Mr. Hehr Today, Gone Tomorrow.