Saturday, May 28, 2011

Savage On The Scene: Sue's Big Goodbye at #abpleader

Outgoing Acting Leader of the Alberta Party, Sue Huff, pointed out on stage this afternoon that on his last day in the job Edwin Erickson had performed a rap song on his accordion. Not to be outdone, Sue picked up her guitar and brought the 300 or so convention attendees to their feet with her rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", a tongue-in-cheek response to criticisms of the party as being based on "rainbows and kitten" sentimentality.

Sue rocks.

If her suggestion that outgoing leaders should sing becomes a party tradition, I want to say to today's eventual winner: When your day comes, I'm available for lessons. ;)


Anonymous said...

Good tongue-in-cheek humour. I'm glad that you caught this on video.

- Dave

daveberta said...

The previous comment was mine, not sure why I showed up as anonymous.

- Dave

kenchapman said...

Thx for capturing this Joey - it was a high light of the Alberta Party convention for me. I hope the party puts this on their website.

Glenn will need singing lesson and I will recommend he seek you as a coach. More likely for Glenn to follow Shayne Koyzen and do slam poetry.