Saturday, May 28, 2011

Savage On The Scene: Easton Speech at #abpleader

After a brief introduction, Easton takes the stage and talks about how important it is to him that the party does things differently, including how all the leadership candidates are pulling in the same direction and sharing some laughs.

Easton takes clear aim at the PC's and the current government. Out of touch, elite, etc - I'm feeling the love. ;)  Talks about his background in Sudbury, moving to Calgary, and working at Mount Royal University. Talks about his work in the business world as well. "I've learned what it takes to lead; I know how to get things done."

Goes over his priorities: Education, including access to post-secondary. Long-term planning, and the Heritage Savings Trust Fund. Protecting the environment "It's not an option for us to do better, it's a requirement". Health-care. Commitment to fully public funded healthcare that "will. not. change. under. my. watch." Talks about aboriginal relations.

"We have to leverage these new political winds - we know there's a desire for change".

Alberta Party needs to do things differently by 1. Discussing reasonable solutions. 2. Employing leading-edge thinking to develop and implement long-term solutions. Takes a shot at the Wildrose.

"I share your vision for a progressive, innovating, world-class Alberta. It's time to dream again".

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