Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lethbridge Mayoral Race Gets Interesting...

Nation, while this blog tends to focus on issues relating to politics on the provincial level or Calgary municipal level, once in awhile we get information about issues and races in other parts of the country and province.

This video showed up in my inbox last night, and suggests that the race for the open Mayor's seat in Lethbridge is getting some fresh blood.

Kay Adeniyi, in his mid-twenties, will be the fifth person to declare their intention to run for mayor in a town that swells by thousands of residents when the post-secondary calendar begins for Lethbridge Community College and the University of Lethbridge (Go Pronghorns!) each September. The other four declared candidates are:

  • Patrick Berthelot, Maintenance Manager
  • James Frey, Communication Consultant
  • Cheryl Meheden, University Professor
  • Rajko Dodic, 2-term Alderman

Adeniyi's announcement will be open to the press and public, and will be held at the Galt Gardens on Monday, July 19th at 7 pm.

Anyone down in the Windy City want to be the Senior Lethbridge-ologist for The Enlightened Savage's coverage of Election 2010?

- E.S.

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