Wednesday, July 28, 2010 is taking over the airwaves!

Nation, it has been a big week for The Best Political Team in the Blogosphere (TM), with interviews galore over the past week.

DJ Kelly has been all over the radio waves (July 22nd - 6 pm - and July 28th, 3 pm), Shane Byciuk from was interviewed last Friday on Global TV Calgary and on radio (CHQR AM770 at 9 pm tonight, also available at the audio vault after the fact, as well as a 5 pm interview on the 22nd), Jeremy Zhao from politicalgary has done radio and was admitted as media to the Barb Higgins press availability this morning, and your humble scribe has been on the radio twice - once on CJSW and again this morning on CBC Radio One (with Jeremy).

The CJSW interview:

And the CBC interview, with Jeremy:

It's clear that the more interesting this election season gets, the more you're going to be hearing from the folks at Now would be a good time to bookmark the site, and add us on twitter.

Radio and television programming directors - the bidding for the entire team to spend the evening of October 18th in your studio as the results come in starts at an iPad each. Let the bidding begin! :)

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Jeremy said...

The blurring between what we say and what political scientists may say about the election is going to be interesting.