Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something Rotten in the State of Egmont?

Nation, maybe it's the lack of sleep or the incredible pain I'm currently experiencing in my back (which I'm debating on naming "Anders" or "Egmont - thoughts?), but I'm getting a little sick of writing about this nomination... as, no doubt, some of you are getting sick of reading about it. Luckily, all will (hopefully, PLEASE god let it be true) be settled by this time next week, and I won't have to type the word "Egmont" for at least a month.

I'm hearing unconfirmed rumblings that one of the 3 candidates for the PC nomination in Egmont has had their literature "bundled" with the literature of the independent candidate for the riding, who had formerly hoped to be the PC candidate, and ran for the position this past November. I am currently seeking corroboration on this story - has anyone seen one person dropping off literature for both candidates to their home?

If it's a regular "flyer force" drop, and you're getting your candidate information along with your Sobey's flyer, from your regular flyer delivery person (pulp literature delivery specialist?) that's one thing. If it's a coincidence, and both flyers end up in the mailbox but are delivered by different people at different times and just HAPPEN to be on the same day, that's understandable. If the literature is being carried by a campaign staffer or volunteer for EITHER campaign, as a SET, and being delivered as such, that's something else entirely.

I know that the candidate in question, or someone on their staff, reads this Blog as it is quoted on the candidate's website (the candidate does not have an e-mail address listed, or I would have contacted them directly prior to this being posted for their response). I hope the candidate, or someone from their campaign, can contact me (email address in my profile) and clear this up.

As I said, coincidence or bundled flyer drop is one thing, but to have an independent candidate and a prospective PC candidate combining forces, yet running 2 separate campaigns, speaks of collusion and makes one question where the candidate's loyalties, interests and true intentions lie.

I sincerely hope this isn't the case, and that my sources are wrong. Citizens of E.S. Nation in Egmont - how have YOUR flyers been arriving from candidates for the PC nomination, and the independent candidate? At random intervals, or suspiciously uniform and always together?

I hope to hear from the candidate in question, and from the citizens in Egmont.

- E.S., who is in the process of purchasing the domains "", "", and ""... can't be too careful. ;)

ADDENDUM: I'm getting some comments confirming the allegations of an apparent conflict, but am still waiting to hear from the candidate his-or-her-self in hopes that there is an innocent explanation for the mound of evidence that keeps piling up - call me an optimist.

I would LOVE to post these comments, Nation. I am not doing so at this time for 2 reasons. Firstly, until such time as I can confirm what is or is not happening, I'm not comfortable levying accusations of impropriety towards specific and named candidates in what has already been a hellish nomination process. Secondly, I'm not letting comments through that mention either the candidate in question by name (for reasons fully outlined in reason 1), OR the name of the independent candidate to whom they have been linked - that particular individual has already gotten more than enough free publicity from this blog, will not be receiving any more, and will henceforth be referred to as "He Who Shall Not Be Named", "HWSNBN", or simply "Lord Voldemort".

Comments on this particular issue (the apparent conflict of interest/collusion) that can be framed without mentioning the candidate for the PC nomination by name, and that do not mention He Who Shall Not Be Named by his given name will more than likely be approved.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I live in Kingsland. I got a blue flyer for the PC candidate and a white flyer for the independent candidate (the discredited former PC candidate) folded together with each other. I thought it was odd too.

Anonymous said...

I also live in Kingsland and I received a green flyer from the independent, a blue one from Vicki Engel and an orange one from Don Middleton.

Guess what? In my mail box they were even touching each other, this must mean the independent is the puppet master of Don & Vicki.

Jonathan Denis you need to focus on membership sales not conspiracies!

Jonathan, I voted for you last time and I WILL vote for you again on the 19th, but you need to stop this crap. Your campaign tactics are getting tiring and you will lose support if you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

The discredited candidate and the current PC candidate have policy that is "cut and paste" too.

Anonymous said...

The independent, Ted Morton, Vicki Engel and Rob Anderson and every social conservative has similar views.

However, the wording for Vicki Engel was taken mostly from Rob Anderson's site see

Rob is the Tory that won the nomination in Airdrie Chestermere and was endorsed by Ralph Klein.

All I know is I have never been involved in politics before and it is this type of crap coming from a particular candidate that people are fed up with.

Vicki Engel will not resort to lavatory politics.

Anonymous said...

All of the conflict in this riding comes from a discredited candidate who is now running as an independent. All of it - and he has a history of doing this wherever he goes. He is the one guilty of "lavatory politics" and on one else.