Monday, January 14, 2008

The Campaign Responds

Nation, once again the alternative media juggernaught that is The Enlightened Savage has made its prescence felt in the campaign for the PC nomination in Calgary Egmont.

My previous post outlined some of the allegations being bandied about. I received a response from the campaign manager of the candidate being accused of impropriety, and have posted our discussion below (text not related to the issue at hand was deleted). Jim Duncan text appears blue, The Enlightened Savage text appears red (don't read into that). ;-)

Enlightened Savage,

... Feel free to post this as we have nothing to hide.

My name is Jim Duncan and I am the Campaign Manager for Vicki Engel.

It is unfortunate that our opponents in this race are as paranoid as they are.

Our literature has been distributed in Willow Park and Kingsland in recent days by our campaign.

In our deliveries we came across literature from Don Middleton who is seeking the nomination. Mr. Middleton is distributing an orange flyer and magnets with his name on it. This appeared in Kingsland the same day as our flyer did. We know this because we were slightly behind Mr. Middletons workers.

We also came across a green flyer from (independent candidate name removed) in both Willow Park and Kingsland, but have been informed by others that the (independent candidate name removed) crew is dropping the whole constituency. His information has appeared in Riverbend and Ramsay among other places. I feel his timing of being in Willow Park and Kingsland are to remind people he is still around.

Our flyer is a blue flyer.

Being that the vote is in Kingsland we have focused on the Willow Park and Kingsland area.

It seems Don Middleton has the same idea we have.

As for (independent candidate name removed), I can't speak for him or any other campaign.

However, it appears that Mr. Middleton, (independent candidate name removed) and our campaign are the only ones working.

We can't help that our literature is arriving the same time that Don Middleton's and (independent candidate name removed)'s are.

To post that we are working in collusion with anyone on your blog would be false. It seems that while we are busy trying to get our message out, one of our opponets would rather accuse and conspire, instead of work.

If you need to get a hold of our campaign further on this issue feel free to call (contact information removed from public view by E.S. for spam concerns, but can be accessed by clicking here).

Jim Duncan
Campaign Manager
Vicki Engel Campaign

Jim: Thank-you for your prompt response to my entreaty for some comment from the campaign regarding these accusations. I have tried very hard to avoid giving any indication that the comments I was receiving - anonymous comments, thus unattributable and unconfirmable - were regarding Vicki's campaign. I am quite aware that during elections, the truth can get twisted and spun in a way to ensure a desired result, and want to try and avoid taking part in such spin, so I thought I'd try to get ahold of the campaign directly, rather than damage the campaign by allowing innuendo to be reported as fact.

As I mentioned, the comments I received were posted by anonymous readers, and as such I cannot confirm who posted the comments, and whether or not they are actively or passively supporting any of your opponents.

I have to say, having worked on literature drops myself in the past, I find your explanation of the alleged "flyer bundling" completely likely... often, while dropping off flyers for the PC candidate in my riding at the time, I'd find the flyer on top of the pile in the mailbox would be a Liberal or NDP flyer - to assert that I was dropping off flyers for both candidates, or that the campaigns were working in collusion, based on this flimsy "evidence" would have been irresponsible - hence, why I haven't done so
on the Blog in this instance.

Somewhat more difficult to explain, however, is the allegation that Caller ID Displays are showing calls from your Demon Dialer machines as coming from "(independent candidate name removed)", even though the recorded message is from Vicki. It may be that, if you're using PGIB resources to assist in the campaign, that the machines or phone lines have yet to be recalibrated or re-set to indicate someone other than "HWSNBN", who no doubt would have been the last candidate to use them. You can no doubt understand the resulting confusion, if this is indeed going on, from potential voters when receiving a phone call supporting one candidate from a number identified as belonging to an opposing candidate.


If you'd care to draft a response that includes the issue of the Caller ID, I'd be happy to post that on the Blog. If you'd just as soon let your original message stand as the
statement of record, I can post that...

Many thanks again for your response, and hoping to hear from you again soon.

- Enlightened Savage

Thanks for the response and feel free to post my original method along with this response...

The only thing not addressed in my last post was allegations that a Demon Dialer came from "(independent candidate name removed)" and that his name showed up on the call display.

This is completely false. PGIB of which Vicki is a member of (she mentions this on her website in the "About Vicki" section) owns Demon Dialer technology. Being that we are aware of this and are unaware who else has this technology in Calgary we employed the PGIB Corporate and Political Service division for a call out on Saturday, January 12, 2008. PGIB is also a business and works with various conservative politcal parties and their various campaign products are quite impressive.

The PGIB system is internet based and in it's program allows the outgoing number to be changed. The caller ID that showed up as a result of Vicki's Demon Dialer
showed that the call call from a Private Name and listed the Campaign office number. I know this to be 100% accurate as I was at the PGIB office for the loading and deletion of our database. Anyone who suggests that the caller ID showed up as "(independent candidate name removed)" is purposefully lying. I have contacted 5 other people this morning and looked at my own caller display and the ID appears as follows:

Private Name

It is unfortunate that the candidate who lost against "(independent candidate name removed)" has the strategy of going negative. We refuse to stoop to this level. I am not sure how the candidate who lost to "(independent candidate name removed)" is going to unite the constituency if he wins with the constant attacks in blogs and to the members happening on a constant basis?

While the candidate who lost against "(independent candidate name removed)" is making allegations we are now launching our GOTV.

Jim Duncan
Campaign Manager
Vicki Engel

So, Nation, there we have it - the official response from the Engel campaign regarding these allegations.

I understand that some of you may assert that Jim's responses are inadequate, or outright false - such is the nature of politics these days that, unfortunately, the credibility of a candidate is placed ahead of their policies. Then again, some people who run for office are obviously quite comfortable hiding the truth in order to gain a position of power and influence. I'm going to have to insist, though, that if anyone from this point onward is going to attack the statements made by Jim Duncan, a real person who made the above comments directly TO me, then they're going to have to include THEIR real name as well. This nomination race is too important to leave to innuendo spread as fact by the anonymous - hence, why I've avoided specific accusations of impropriety: I'm essentially anonymous myself. If someone out there is going to call Jim Duncan or the Engel campaign a liar in this important race, they're going to have to give their real name. Jim gave his, and it's only right that someone attacking his credibility do the same.

I, lacking any evidence that I myself have seen to the contrary, will accept him at his word. I encourage everyone to make up their own mind, based on what you read here and what you yourself see with your own 2 eyes. After all, in the words of an illustrious and thankfully former Prime Minister... a proof is a proof. And right now, all *I* have seen is a case of "he said, they said, they said...".

- E.S.

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