Saturday, January 19, 2008

Get Out The Vote!

Well, Nation, the PC membership in the riding of Calgary Egmont goes out today between noon and 5 pm, to choose their preference for a candidate in the upcoming election.

Having spoken to 2 of the 3 candidates personally in the past 3 weeks, I can tell you that they're taking nothing for granted, and (as good politicians tend to) are running their campaigns as though they're 25 votes behind, with 30 minutes to go. All 3 seem to be tireless campaigners, which would serve the party well in the election.

Nation, if you ARE going to vote in the Egmont nomination today, I ask you to look past the ugliness that has characterized parts of this campaign. Get past the allegations, the counter-allegations, the rumours, whispers and fear-mongering, and ask yourself: Who is my first choice to represent the PC Party, and try to win this seat for the PC's in the next election? And then mark a "1" next to that person's name. Mark a "2" next to the person who you think is the next best choice (it's a preferential ballot).
Above all, Nation, make sure that when you head out to Kingland today to cast your ballot, you're doing so because you want to vote FOR someone, not because you want to vote AGAINST someone... the politics of fear and division cheapens us and the process - choosing our representatives out of positivity and hope builds us and our society up.

Just a reminder that you need not be a card-carrying PC member of long standing to vote for the nomination: Memberships can be purchased at the door. See my post "What's Cracking in Calgary Egmont?" for a break-down of the candidates, and where to vote. Best of luck to all 3 of the candidates, as they have already made many sacrifices, invited light to be shone onto their most intimate lives, and risked character attacks (warranted or not) out of a desire to win the nomination, and go through it all again in a few weeks, against someone who REALLY wants to embarrass and defeat them. Jonathan Denis, Don Middleton, and Vicki Engel are the prospective candidates. To all of you: Good luck, and thank-you.

Predictably, the independent candidate for Egmont has already started screaming at the top of his rather capacious lungs about the unfairness of it all. Going so far as to issue press releases - to blogs, no less - he reminds us all that he is the "democratically elected conservative in Calgary Egmont". At this point it's getting embarrassing to have to point out, but I'd strongly urge the candidate in question ( and all of you) to visit djkelly's blog and get a little reminder about what those words actually mean. The post in question, actually, is up for a Canadian Blog Award, in the "Best Post" category. Go dj!

By the way, remember to follow the links, and vote in the first round of the CBA's. Maybe if I get enough votes, I can trumpet myself as the "democratically elected chief blogger for South-East Calgary".

Then again, I think Calgary Grit is still registered to vote here, so maybe not... ;)

-E.S., casting his ballot between 12 and 5 (but closer to 5) today.

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