Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rumours and Ideas

Hey, all... sorry for the unprecedented delay since the last post - real life has been interfering in my rigorous Blog regimen, and promises to do so for much of the next 4 to 5 days, as well. Never fear, ES Nation - you'll get your Cabinet reaction. :)

Been hearing some VERY disquieting rumours as to the identity of the next minister in charge of my own department - if, of course, that department REMAINS in its current ministry after the restructuring. I know that many Albertans view Ed Stelmach's governing style as "ho-hum", which is odd considering he's been in power for about NEGATIVE 32 hours at this point... but when you cut 4 to 6 ministries, you create a lot of chaos in the public sector as departments move, bucks begin stopping at different desks than they did before, and people get new job titles, letterhead, hours of work, and time sheets. Needless to say, a lot of people who pull paycheques from the Bank of Ralph are quite nervous about what they're due to hear on Friday morning.

Been toying with an idea in my head, and I'm looking for some feedback from you, the loyal public... what about a Podcast covering Alberta political happenings? The format, and this is VERY provisional, might involve a discussion with 3 people, neither journalists NOR politicians, but who follow politics very closely... lay people, or bloggers. You could have one dedicated right-wing nut-job, one dedicated left-wing bleeding-heart, and a centrist (read: ME) discussing the issues of the day. And I use that only as a figure of speech, because it'd likely be a once every 2 weeks or once per month kind of idea. Is this something people would actually be interested in? Or do we all get our differing viewpoints from waypoints in the Blogosphere?

I look forward to your comments... I'm not married to the idea, as it'd be a LOT of work, but if there's a demand for it, I'd be happy to do it...

- ES


Anonymous said...

Yes, a pod cast would be great!

Anonymous said...


Tried to post last night but for some reason couldn't.

How did yesterday go for you? Any ladders moved in your dept? Need a new ministry name printed on your business card? :)

Glad Ken was in touch re the the political blogcast. Fabulous idea. You, him and Will McBeath. Many sparks! Without actually cursing each other, much less constrained than mainstream mediacasts. You guys would make a big splash. Lots of fun, lots of hits.

Daveberta subbing in from time to time, or Duncan or Allie. Special guests. Maybe italicsmine if it's federal.

Maybe rotate the hosting between you three? Host to ref two or three topical items, then gets to finish up with one his choosing. Give the others a heads up so they can bring their own snowballs.

Hope you do it.