Saturday, December 2, 2006

Busy Polls

Went by my own poll at around 3:00 pm to vote and must say it was quite a bit busier than I saw it last weekend. Whether that's just the time that a lot of people decided to come out this week, or a sign of things to come, I haven't the foggiest.

They were also much more thorough in checking ID this time around. Could be there were claims of fraud in the last round?

I'll be remotely posting results as I get them tonight - and as far into Sunday as I can stay conscious, if neccessary.

Also, can't help but think the election of Dion as Liberal Leader a few scant minutes ago could result in a swell of people who were undecided about whether to vote deciding to in fact come out and cast their ballots for Morton. The spectre of yet another Liberal P.M. from Quebec will no doubt be an irritating one, at best, for many Albertans who have felt, rightly or wrongly, that they've been financing the country and getting precious little say on anything for the past 20+ years. Ted's tough approach towards Ottawa plays well with those people anyway - Dion as Liberal Leader just reinforces the possibility for them a little more.

- ES


Anonymous said...

e.s. - can you tell me where to find the results for each riding? i'm rather new to the world of politics and don't know where to look. thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ES.

Anonymous said...

There is a CTV page which is being updated tonight as the votes are tallied: