Friday, December 1, 2006

Nothing New Coming Today

Today and most of tomorrow are just a gong show for me, so don't expect anything new on the Blog today. Tomorrow, I will TRY (when not house-hunting) to post my "best policies of the defeated candidates" list. Failing that, expect it early next week.

I'll try to update tomorrow night to give running totals in as close to "real time" as I can, so check back tomorrow night (starting around 10 pm), and check back often. A little slack would be appreciated, as I'll be ducking out of a prior engagement every so often to dig for the results and get them posted. :)

- ES

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Anonymous said...

I saw this on Gary McPherson's website. Here's what he has to say about the big vote.
The balloting on Saturday, December 2 will be what they call a "preferential ballot", and therefore a person is supposed to mark their first and second choices when casting their vote. Therefore, I have decided to vote for Jim Dinning as my first choice, and my second choice will be Ed Stelmach.

Some of my many reasons for supporting Jim Dinning are outlined below:

I think that Jim Dinning understands what needs to be done both within the PC party and within government (the PC party needs to be reorganized, reenergized with new ideas, new people and youth).
I think that many of our social problems of the future will occur in our cities and Jim D. got most of his support last Saturday from the urban areas, and I take this to mean that people in urban areas/municipalities are more comfortable in this regard with him than they are with the other candidates.
Our urban & rural municipalities have some major infrastructure challenges and significant social issues to resolve, and I think that Jim D. is probably the best candidate to address these issues from a provincial perspective.
He has a good mixture of government and business experience.
I have known Jim for 17 years and I did work with him directly in the Alberta Government during the late eighties and early nineties -- I was always impressed with his support as a Cabinet Minister.
He has a very good grasp of disability issues and this will be important with an aging population and more disabled individuals living longer -- and there are some major issues that are imminent in this particular sector of society.
I think that Jim D. will put the best face on the province nationally and internationally.
Jim has been out of the government sector for several years, and this should give him a better understanding of the needs of the community and of business both big and small.
Jim's previous experience as Provincial Treasurer gives him a broad understanding of what the fiscal and practical needs of the various government departments are, and the difficult issues that they grapple with.
I believe that Jim is his own man and can make his own decisions when it is necessary.
Jim is open-minded and willing to listen to the ideas of other people.
Jim does not always have to be right.
My experience in knowing Jim Dinning tells me that Jim is honest and is a man of integrity.