Saturday, November 25, 2006

Leadership Vote - Update

3:47 local time. Just received a phone call from a highly placed source who indicated that the Dinning camp is making urgent calls trying to get the vote out - they're quite concerned about the mass of people coming in to vote for Morton.

- ES

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Chris said...

I voted earlier, and the weather was about as miserable as could be for a day when you want people to turn out. I managed to vote around six and the polling station in Bonnie Doon seemed to be busy but not particularly so, I suspect many voted earlier. I'm rather pleased to hear that panic abounds in the Dinning camp. They tended to have a rather smug "we've had this thing wrapped up for years" attitude about them.

The fact that Dinning didn't even deign to produce more than three pages of policy and spoke through the whole campaign in vague generalities may have been a "safe" approach but it certainly isn't inspiring and an injection of the leadership many people feel this the PC Party needs. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, its a pitty one can't seem to find posted results anywhere.