Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still Alive!

... but only barely, thanks to the miracles of penicillin.

There's much afoot to be discussed, from a local, provincial and federal perspective in the very near future. (Jim Flaherty obviously has the budget well at hand, since the P.M. has seemingly been at every hockey game played in this country in the past 3 weeks - I swear I saw him at the Mac's AAA Midget tournament in Calgary).

I sincerely hope everyone had a very happy and safe holiday season, and that this inaugural post of 2009 finds you in good spirits. We've got about 2 weeks of this touchy-feely stuff until the House of Commons comes back, and then it's back to the trenches.

I wanted to bring to everyone's attention a new blog that's garnering a lot of attention, and even some (indirect, due to lazy reporting) press. The writer seems to have inside information on the Alberta Liberal party, and writes as a supporter of said Liberals, yet blogs anonymously (no, it's not me - that was an April Fool's prank). It seems the Grits now have their OWN "Enlightened Savage" to make the PC's lose sleep at night, wondering whom it might be (I have my theories, but I'll keep them to myself - post YOUR theories as comments, if you have any).

Whether you agree with the editorial slant of the writer or not, it's a well thought-out, interesting and well-written blog, and I'd encourage everyone to check out Alberta's OTHER anonymous political blogger (a title which, at the relative rates of posting on their blog versus mine, might soon be how people describe ME):

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